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Please make sure the course you are purchasing is applicable to the type of License you hold. If you hold only an Accident / Health License you can only take a course in the Accident / Health and Ethics categories. Once you have finished your Continuing Education courses, don't forget to pay your renewal fee.

A minimum of 3hr Ethics is required every renewal term, regardless of how many carry forward hours you have.

All LyteSpeed Online course are compliant with the California Insurance Code Section 2188.2(k)

Online Continuing Education Accident & Health Courses

Packages License Type Course Fee
Roster Fee
 Total Cost
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24 Hours Accident & Health Package I
20 Hour Health, 4 Hour Ethics
A&H $38.94

$.65/credit hr

More Info
24 Hours Accident & Health Package II
16hr Principles of Health, 3hr Ethics, 5hr Guide to Health Savings
A&H $38.89  $.65/credit hr  $54.49 More Info
                                               Accident & Health Courses
20-Hours Health Insurance
AH $28.99 $.65/credit hr   $41.99 More Info
16-Hours The Principles of Health Insurance
(Accident/Health Not Valid for Life Only Agents)
A/H $34.49 $.65/credit hr  $44.89
More Info
8-Hours California Long Term Care Mandatory Course
AH/LTC $24.95 $.65/credit hr   $30.15 More Info
5-Hours Guide to Health Savings Account
AH $12.96 $.65/credit hr   $16.21 More Info
                                                             Ethics Courses

 4-Hours Sexual Harassment #TimesUp An Ethical Approach
(Any License, Meets Mandatory Ethics Requirement)

  ETHICS  $9.94
$.65/credit hr   $12.54 More Info 

 4-Hours Ethics Compliance 2006
    (Any License, Meets Mandatory Ethics Requirement)    

 ETHICS  $9.95 $.65/credit hr   $12.55 More Info 
3-Hours Mandatory Ethics
    (Any License, Meets Mandatory Ethics Requirement)    
ETHICS $9.96 $.65/credit hr  $11.91
More Info

4-Hours Anti-Money Laundering
(Any License, Meets Mandatory Ethics Requirement) 

ETHICS  $15.95  $.65/credit hr   $18.55 More Info 

8-Hours LyteSpeed The Importance of Ethics
(Any License, Meets Mandatory Ethics Requirement) 

 ETHICS $29.95  $.65/credit hr  $35.15
More Info 



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