Your Insurance Website – How Important is it, Really?

As the insurance world changes, LyteSpeed Learning wants to make sure that insurance agents and agencies are able to change with it. While our insurance licensing and pre-licensing courses can help you obtain and maintain your license status in the State of California, we also know that obtaining your license is not the same thing as thriving with it.

So recently, we sat down as part of our new Up 2 Speed podcast with Micah Alk of High Volt Digital to discuss insurance websites, marketing, and what businesses can do now and in the future to generate leads, convert referrals, and more. Click here to listen to the episode on your favorite platform:

We talk about why your insurance website needs to be more engaging and accessible, how AI is going to affect insurance marketing (if at all), the value of staying in constant contact with your customers, and much more.

Here’s a sneak peak:

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At LyteSpeed Learning, our goal is to continue to not only help you obtain and maintain your insurance license in the state of California, but also keep you informed of the latest trends, tips, and other information that can help your business grow. Take a listen to the latest podcast and don’t forget to stay tuned for other episodes in the future!

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