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In California, life insurance professionals that intend to continue to offer annuities are mandated by the state to undertake continuing education to ensure they remain informed about the latest industry practices, regulatory changes, and ethical standards.

All life agents must complete eight-hour annuity training prior to soliciting individual customers in order to sell annuities. In addition, every life agent who sells annuities is required to satisfactorily complete four-hours of annuity training every two years prior to license renewal. (The 8 hour annuity course can only be done the first time, subsequent renewals must do a 4 hour annuity course)

LyteSpeed Learning has established itself as a leading provider of approved annuities continuing education courses in California, offering courses that are comprehensive, accessible, and designed to enhance your professional knowledge and compliance.

After completing your Continuing Education courses, do not forget to submit your renewal fee to maintain your license.

All LyteSpeed Online course are compliant with the California Insurance Code Section 2188.2(k)

Online Continuing Education Annuity Courses

Packages License Type Course Fee Roster Fee Total Cost Buy now More Info
24 Hours Life & Health Agent Package l
4 Hour Ethics, 8 Hour Annuity, 8 Hour CA LTC,
4 Hour Anti Money Laundering
L&H $49.96 $.65/credit hr $65.56
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24 Hours Life & Accident & Health Agent Package
8 Hour Ethics, 8 Hour Annuity, 8 Hour CA LTC
L&H $39.98 $.65/credit hr $55.58
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Annuity Courses
8-Hours Annuities Mandatory Course
Meets 8 hr Annuity Requirement
(This is a ONE time requirement.)
LO/ANN $19.99 $.65/credit hr $25.19
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4-Hours Mandatory Annuity Course
Meets 4 hr Annuity Requirement
LO/ANN $14.99 $.65/credit hr $17.59
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4-Hours Annuities Sales Practices & The Consumer
Meets 4 hr Annuity Requirement
LO/ANN $14.99 $.65/credit hr $17.59
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About Our Continuing Education Courses for Annuities

Continuing education is a critical component of career development for professionals in the annuities sector, and it also required by the state of California. Anyone hoping to offer annuities, as well as other insurance products, must complete CA approved courses every two years from a state sanctioned provider.

LyteSpeed Learning provides a suite of annuity insurance CE courses tailored to these requirements, available both individually and as part of comprehensive packages that include the required ethics training. Our annuities packages can be purchased individually, or as part of one of the following 24 hour packages:

  • 24 Hours Life & Health Agent Package I – This package includes 4 hours of ethics, 8 hours of annuities, 8 hours CA LTC, and four hours in anti-money laundering training.
  • 24 Hours Life & Accident & Health Agent Package – This package includes 8 hours of ethnics courses, 8 hours of annuity courses, and 8 hours of CA LTC.

In addition, insurance professionals looking to address only the annuities portion of their continuing education can take an 8 hour annuities mandatory course, which is a one time requirement, or 4 hours of annuities courses.

LyteSpeed Learning ensures that all necessary courses to maintain your annuities license are comprehensive, state-compliant, and tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. As you complete your coursework, remember to process your license renewal fee. Our courses are structured to satisfy all state requirements for annuities license renewal.

Learn More or Begin Your Enrollment with LyteSpeed Learning

LyteSpeed Learning is recognized within the annuities community in California for providing high-quality continuing education that facilitates license renewal and professional growth. Our annuities-specific courses are designed to meet CE obligations and are complemented by additional courses for those seeking a broader understanding of the insurance industry.

Start you order today, or if you require assistance with course selection or have questions about annuities licensing requirements, our team is here to help guide you to the appropriate resources.

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