Continuing Education Courses for Insurance Agents in California

From California CDI Provider #65579

Lytespeed Learning is the leading choice for insurance continuing education courses in California. For decades, we were the go-to choice for in person continuing education classes, but are now able to offer all of our courses online in packages that include everything you need to obtain or maintain your license.

Navigate to your classes by using the buttons below. Please keep in mind that these continuing education courses are only applicable to the type of license you currently hold. For example, if you hold both a Life Only and Accident, Health or Sickness License, you can take a course in either category, but if you hold a Life Only license, you *cannot* complete a course in Accident, Health or Sickness. All continuing education requires that you currently hold a license in that specific category of insurance.

Note – Once you have finished your Continuing Education Courses, don’t forget to pay your renewal fee!

*All LyteSpeed Online Courses are compliant with the California Insurance Code Section 2188.2(k). If you wish to get a hard copy version of any of these continuing education courses, please CLICK HERE for a printable order form.

About Our Continuing Education Courses for CA Insurance Licenses

In the dynamic field of insurance, California mandates regular continuing education to ensure that its licensed professionals are consistently up-to-date with the latest industry standards, laws, and practices. Since 1995, Lytespeed Learning offers the essential courses tailored to these very requirements, ensuring that insurance agents and adjusters remain compliant and in good standing with the state.

Our course offerings are available for licensed insurance agents or brokers, and include – but are not limited to:

  1. Accident, Health or Sickness License Courses
  2. Ethics Courses
  3. Life & Health License Courses
  4. Life Only License Courses
  5. Personal Lines License Insurance Courses
  6. Property / Casualty License Insurance Courses
  7. Annuity Courses
  8. Adjuster License Courses
  9. Limited Lines Auto Only License Insurance Courses

Live continuing education classes available upon request, to be held at your location.

To stay aligned with California’s evolving insurance landscape, Lytespeed Learning continuously revises these courses to reflect the most recent changes in state laws and regulations. Our unwavering dedication ensures that our students not only meet but excel in the state’s requirements, making the process of license renewal smoother and more informed.

Entrust your mandatory continuing education needs to Lytespeed Learning, and experience the confidence and knowledge required to navigate the ever-changing insurance industry of California. Make your selection today or contact us with any questions.

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