What’s New With LyteSpeed Learning?

LyteSpeed Learning has been helping California insurance agents get and maintain their insurance licenses since 1995, with pre-licensing and continuing education courses for essentially all potential lines of business. We’re also growing, offering more courses, more tools, and more information than ever before in order to make sure that insurance agents have what they need to thrive.

While we still offer the same courses that you’ve been using to maintain your licenses these past 29 years, we also have several updates.

All Classes Online

This isn’t necessarily new to many of our past customers, but we have moved all of our classes online. While we do miss getting to know many of you through our in-person classes, we also know that these days, everyone is too busy to sit in class multiple times a week. Our online courses mean that you are able to receive qualified instruction anytime, anywhere, with digital tools you can watch and rewatch with ease.

A New Website for Easier Navigation

You may have noticed that we have a new website. Our previous website was nearing the end of its lifespan, so we partnered with High Volt Digital to create a site that was more modern, user friendly, and easier to edit. Our hope is that this new website will make it easier for you to navigate to your courses, and also make it easier for us to expand on what we offer.

A New Logo for a Modern Twist

Our old logo was becoming a bit outdated, and we only had pixelated versions of it available. We have had our logo re-designed. Take a look!

We wanted it to still be familiar since our old logo had represented us for almost thirty years. But we also wanted it to be newer, more compact, and something recognizable that we can more easily use in our materials.

Pre-Licensing Course Updates

While LyteSpeed has offered pre-licensing courses since 2007 – including online pre-licensing insurance courses for essentially all license types, each course has been updated to the latest Educational Objectives. We have also added a new vocabulary review after each chapter, so the student can learn the insurance terms as they work through their course, making comprehension easier. In addition, each course has newly recorded view chapter summaries, and all the Exam Prep views have also been updated.

Podcast Incoming

We are also in the process of creating a podcast for insurance agents, with detailed information to help listeners better understand the insurance space. We’ll be interviewing insurance agents, executives, and industry leaders to better educate anyone working in the insurance space. Watch this blog or our social media accounts for their release dates!

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

LyteSpeed is expanding. We’re offering more products, more services, and even better customer service. Stay tuned for more information, as we’re going to have a lot more exciting announcements over the next few months. You can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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