With Covered California Rates Increasing, More People Need Professional Guidance

The insurance needs of individuals, families, and businesses in California are frequently changing, and it is often up to agents, not consumers, to keep track of how these changes may affect current and potential clients. Nowhere is that as clear as it is with health insurance, an expense so great that some families spend more monthly on health insurance than they do on rent or their mortgage.

Covered California, for example, is about to experience yet another rate increase, this time of 9.8%. That is a fairly substantial increase for what was already expensive health insurance. This increase is also much larger than the 2% rate increases of 2020 and 2022.

How Does This Affect Agents?

In a sense, these rate increases do not change the work of health insurance agents much. Your role is still to help individuals navigate the complexities of obtaining health insurance and find a policy with a provider that makes the most sense for their needs.

But it does increase the value in working with someone like you, rather than obtain health insurance independently. As Covered California rates increase, so too does the need for individuals to get the most from their monthly insurance premiums, an activity that can be quite difficult give the wide variety of insurance plans available.

Coverage for specific medical needs has also been rapidly changing, and pandemic funding is no longer available. Customers want to save money, but also make sure that they can keep seeing their doctor and that they have coverage for their most pressing concerns. Health insurance agents in California are now, more than ever, a resource that can genuinely help clients find the solutions that make the most sense for their families.

Pre-Licensing to Become a Health Insurance Agent

If you’ve ever considered offering health insurance, whether you’re a current life or personal insurance agent or you’re thinking about getting into the industry, now is likely a great time. You can be the resource people turn to in order to help them navigate the complex needs of the health insurance field. Start your pre-licensing insurance courses today with Lytespeed Learning, or contact us if you need additional support.

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